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SBSC photo contest winner June 2021

Benefits of being an SBSC Member

Location and Scenic Views

Our club is located in Scarborough Bluffs, just minutes from downtown Toronto and is one of the most scenic waterfront sites in the city. We are nestled on an island along with 3 other sailing clubs comprising Bluffers Park Boating Federation. Members enjoy reciprocal rights with these neighboring clubs, along with many other clubs in Ontario.

The Diversity of our Members

Club members includep addlers, sailors, power boaters, fishermen as well as social members. The club is a great place to  relax and socialize, even if you are not boating. We provide ample free parking for members and their guests. In addition to boating, the nearby Scarborough Bluffs beaches, waterfront park and walking trails offer additional recreational options.

Sailing and Cruising

Our club operates a sailing school which offers two courses every summer, leading to the CanSail 2 certification. Members who are CanSail II graduates have free use of the club sailboats. You just sign one out and sail away as you see in the picture above. There is no need to own a boat in order to go for a sail.

The reciprocal privileges enjoyed by SBSC allow you to dock at many clubsthat you visit, as well as granting you use their facilities. 

If you are into racing, you can join the Basin Races and Dinghy Racing at SBSC.

All our boats remain on their trailers, in their designated spots. This allows us to have our mast up all year long if we wish. This way, we are ready to go the minute our boat hits the water.