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Due to the ongoing pandemic the club had to cancel all sailing courses in 2020. We hope to start classes up again starting in July 2021 depending on the conditions and guidelines at that time. Don't give up on your sailing dreams!

The aim of the Sailing School is to introduce new adult sailors to the fundamentals of sailing; to help them learn to sail safely and especially to have fun.

The club uses the Canadian Yachting Association's CANSail dinghy program to bring students to the CANSail 2 competency.
We have also introduced the CANSail 3 and 4 levels to our curriculum which is a continuation of the CANSail program.

Successful graduates will be offered a trial membership in the club which enables them to continue using the sailing school dinghies to enhance their skills.

Our courses are geared to adults, but if you have a teenage family member (16 yrs. or older) who wishes to take the course with you, contact the Sailing School Director. 

The fact that some of our students are seniors proves that it's never too late to learn, especially when it comes to sailing. You will almost certainly make new friends and sailing buddies.

Want to connect with your classmates while you take the course, or reconnect with the people you took it with a few years ago? We have a sailing school group on facebook here

Successful graduates of the Sailing School

Successful graduates of the Sailing School are offered a TRIAL MEMBERSHIP in the club for only $128.75 ($145.49, including HST). This allows you the use of the club dinghies and facilities for the balance of the membership year (April of the following year). CANSail 1 graduates must sail with a qualified skipper until they achieve their CANSail 2 certification, however.

This is a "non-voting" membership, but will allow you to practice your newly acquired skills and familiarize yourself with the club. It is our hope you will rejoin as full members the following year.
If you have any questions about our courses, please contact the Sailing School Director -